Portrait by  Anna Lebedeva .

Portrait by Anna Lebedeva.

My name is Anastasiya Mozgovaya and I am a professional storyteller.

I am a journalist, visual and textual content creator, podcaster, as well as PR and marketing manager.

I have been responsible for the PR & Communications of a fashion brand Ksenia Schnaider from January 2016 till August 2017. We launched Demi-Denims together and turned them into a world-renowned fashion phenomenon. 

I have written articles for The Blueprint, Cosmopolitan UkraineDo Lectures Blog, Elle UA, The Fashion Crowd, Fashion Week Daily, Paris with Me, Simple+Beyond, The Village Ukraine.

I have created content for the Content Office application & Instagram profile from September 2017 till May 2018.

Paris-based creative agency Jolie Imaje is one of the projects I create written content for at the moment.

I am open for collaborations with media outlets and brands worldwide. E-mail me and let`s tell great stories together.