celebrating women

o-o-oh my! i was on a subway train yesterday in the morning and opened twitter to find out about #LEMONADE - a visual album by beyonce, which does not really need a presentation, as you have already listened to it, i am sure. i had to listen to it, i had to see it, i had to experience it myself. the day in my thoughts was all about it. in the evening i watched it and emotions overflowed me. this is art - raw and real, real and raw. fascinating, spectacular, unforgettable. for me, as a person, for whom "words are essential" every single word on that album is as valuable as a song or a whole album itself. watching the album is so much more than just listening to the songs separately. everything you see, everything you hear is genial.

what i love about beyonce, and there is not doubt that i am not alone here, is that she celebrates women; she reminds you about the power you have and gently pushes you to celebrate yo-self. i love it, i admire it. you listen to a song and you are as excited to be a woman as one could be. you are happy and proud. you are bold. there are three phases of thinking afterwards: i am powerful, i can do anything > uhm, yeah, maybe, but i won`t be ever like her > wait, this is not what she wants me to feel like, this is not what she thinks herself. she is sure that she is number one (despite all insecurities and reasons that may appear worthy to see yourself as worthless) and she works hard as hell to be as good as one could only be. this is exactly what she wants me to do too. she wants to empower me, she shares her experience and knowledge with me to make me realize we are all in the same position, so it depends on us only what happens next.

i knew right away i had to write about it, then i had doubts - everyone would too and i did not want to do what the rest was doing. however, the more i listened, the clearer it became that i could not ignore it, i could not just enjoy the album. i had to write about it. i had to once again point out how powerful and strong women are (love is what makes us so), how proud i am to be one of them. i have felt this way since ten or eleven years old when i read "gone with the wind", saw scarlett o`hara as my role model and decided that i wanted to be just like her - i wanted to cope with whatever i had to, i wanted to manage it all despite all the challenges and pain. the older i get, the more i see that women are magical creatures, they are capable of things impossible for men and not only in a big picture kind of thing, on a daily basis too. however some struggle more than others, for some it is harder to find a voice and power inside, some need extra help and nurturing. this is what all of us are here for - to support and inspire each other. this is exactly what beyonce is doing, and i am grateful for it, just like hundreds of thousands of women around the world are. we are lucky to have her, we are lucky to have each other and we are lucky to have ourselves. we are lucky to be women and we should make the best out of it. let`s celebrate women, let`s celebrate each and one of us. 

imma keep on runnin`cause a winner don`t quit on themselves, - let this be the motto of your life, girl.