(online) shopping

i love shopping, and i am sure you do too. i remember the time when i bought something on a regular basis, not often, but from time to time i did. every purchase was a source of excitement and happiness. i was looking forward to wearing this or that piece, mixing it with other things, that i owned, and then going somewhere enjoying my new outfit. for some this may sound crazy, but if you have always loved clothes, like i have, you know exactly what i am talking about. this is why it is a pleasure to not only buy things, but to even simply look at them and try some on. when i have time, i can spend an hour or two walking around stores and daydreaming about buying everything i like and wearing it all. i did it a lot in paris, because cos and &other stories are heaven. the proof is here, in one of my first posts on the blog. yes, i take lots of pictures while i try clothes on. again, it might seem crazy or stupid, but believe it or not i started doing it way before posting any of it online, so it is not about posing or sharing or whatever. the point is in fixing the moment when you were wearing something you really liked. yes, you may not be able to buy it or maybe you doubt that you will wear it enough, so you do not buy it, but who said you could not enjoy it? no one did. that is why you should enjoy it as much as you can!

now let`s talk about a moden way of shopping - online. have you ever bought anything online? i have - books and clothes. i remember the first thing i ordered online was...a book, of course. it was "man repeller: seeking love, finding overalls" by leandra medine. i am a huge admirer of leandra, and i was one back then, almost three years ago. i remember the moment i opened my mailbox and saw a package from "amazon" - i was in a state of a very intense excitement. i could not believe it. why? well, i doubted that my purchase would come. i heard a lot of outrageous stories about ukrainian post loosing parcels, so i knew i could be one of the victims of mail people`s lack of professionalism. however i was not. actually, it has never happened to me. moreover, i did not receive my amazon books in paris, but i did - in kiev. every time i ordered something - it came. sometimes on time, sometimes a bit later, but it did. and it always made me very-very happy. 

what about clothes? as i have already mentioned it, i bought clothes online too, but rarely. my usual purchase online - socks from asos. i am a fan of socks and a have a huge collection in various colours and patterns, but most importantly, with all kinds of prints - animals, food etc. you name it - and i will almost certainly have a pair of socks with that thing on them. i am crazy about socks. i think it is a lot of fun to have any outfit and then add funny socks to it. i admire men who wear suits with printed socks. i think it is awesome, and you should all try it. so what about proper clothes? unfortunately my experience has not been very successful. the first piece of clothing i bought was a summer t-shirt dress from monki and it turned out to be so big, that three of me could fit in. then i did not know i could send it back and get a refund, so i kept it and i even wore it outside once, but then i decided to use it as a "nightgown". this was a couple of years ago.

there were a few more experiments afterwards - i bought skirts that were made out of totally different materials, and bathing suits that were bigger than needed, as well as..hm, what else did i buy? oh, a successful purchase was when i bought a present and it fit really well. althought next one did not, as it turned out to be too small (plus it came later than it should have, but it was mail`s fault due to winter holidays). when i was in paris, i bought a couple of things - a skirt and a sweater, as well as some little things, like skincare, make-up and christmas cards. they arrived very quickly and were as good as i expected them to be.

this winter, when i got back to kiev, i ordered a shirt-dress from monki on asos. i love monki, they have cool clothes. i bought a pair of great trousers and a shirt there when i was in amsterdam in december. i think, shirts are the best, and everyone should own shirts. anyway, when my dress came, it was again three times bigger than i was, although i had chosen my usual size. i think monki has an issue with sizing. anyway i was very upset and i sent it back. a month or two later i started thinking of summer, i knew that i needed something new, so a i bought a dress and a blouse. dress turned out to be great, but short, which is very inconvenient, whereas blouse was see-through (although on the picture it was not), so i won`t be able to wear it.

a couple of weeks ago i made another attempt to buy something online. i received my purchase yesterday (almost a week earlier than planned, which is amazing). by the way, yes, i only use two online-stores - amazon and asos. i have never tried anything else, but also very few of them actually deliver to ukraine. i know that there are services today, which help you order from literally any web-site and then they deliver it to you. tried it once to buy clothes for my brother. service was awful, so i decided i would not want to use it again. plus i hate overpaying. anyway, what did i buy? two dresses, because it is summer, and i love dresses. did i like them on pictures online? i did. did they fit me and look like they did on pictures? nope, they did not. sizing is not proper again + one of the dresses is almost see-through again. yes, i was very upset and disappointed. i was waiting for this parcel to arrive so badly and it turns out i made a mistake by ordering it in the first place. 

i know that i will try my new dresses on again today and will see, whether i can make them work. hopefully i can, because i am in desperate need of new outfits, i am exhausted from wearing same old things again and again and again. if yes - you will see pictures very soon, if no - i will send them back as soon as possible. i do not know yet. by the way, i plan to talk about clothes more here. i did not want this to be a "fashion blog" and i still don`t. i do not think it is fun to just post pictures of my outfits, but clothes is important for me, so i cannot ignore it either. what about you? have you ever bought anything online? did it fit you? did it look like it did on pictures? tell me!

p.s. when i was in paris, i also bought a topshop backpack on their web-site, which was very cool, because topshop does not deliver to ukraine either, but, of course, they deliver to france. i love this backpack, it is my new favourite one and i wear it all the time. all. the. time. topshop was my first love in terms of stores, which we did not have in ukraine, when i was younger. however, in the last couple of years something happened to it or maybe my taste just changed a lot. my favourites now are cos and &other stories. these two would be enough for me to get dressed and be more than happy with a few vintage pieces, which have become essentials of my wardrobe after successful vintage shopping in paris three years ago <3. oh my, can i stop? i need right now, because it is time to go-o-o.

top image is taken from tumblr.com and pictures are from reformation - a brand i dream of.